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October 25 2019


October 03 2019

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June 16 2019

Czasami miłość nie wystarcza, choć tak bardzo nie rozumiem, dlaczego..
— Spacer spalonym mostem
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Tak - doszliśmy do tego, że nie wiemy już, czy się kochamy, czy nie, jakkolwiek żyć byśmy bez siebie nie mogli. Czy jest coś gorszego?
— S.I.Witkiewicz - Matka
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Ile razy można przeżyć koniec jednej miłości?
— H.Samson
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May 04 2019

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May 02 2019

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I was born to live on the beach 
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May 01 2019


April 27 2019

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Kaja Kowalewska / Chaos i inne piętra
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March 22 2019

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nikt tak pięknie nie pisał o miłości
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July 12 2018


Reasons to marry me: We'd eat pizza and listen to good music together and we'd probably fuck 14 times a week and buy too many pets and build pillow forts.

— ❤️
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June 26 2018

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  • "I like how sleeping next to someone means more than sex sometimes, the body's way of saying 'I trust you to be by my side at my most vulnerable time,' you have no defenses when you are asleep, you tell no lies" -Eric Shaw
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June 23 2018

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Pasuje idealnie.
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June 08 2018

'W trzecim miejscu mieszkam w jeden rok, ciągle jestem jakby nie wiem gdzie...'
— Płuca zlepione topami
"I'm trying to get over you,
l'm trying so goddamned hard. And some mornings I
wake up and think, yes, maybe I finally am free. Free
from my echoing thoughts of you. Free from the
constant battle of loving you and losing you. But then
other mornings I wake up and all I can think about is
how your eyes look with sunlight in them and how
your face looks just before you break into a smile.
Maybe we aren't meant to be together, maybe not
now, maybe not ever. And I don't wanna have a single
grain of hope, because blessed are those with no
expectations. But sometimes I think against my own
will that what if we break all the laws? Maybe we'll
forget each other soon but what if we meet again
someday in the future, and in one look we'll feel the
ache in our hearts of our incomplete love, and maybe
then l'll be right for you, and you'lI be right for me?
Maybe we are meant to be together, maybe not now,
but maybe someday."
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May 30 2018

Jak tu Cie nie kochać, jak dzieją się z Tobą cuda..
— i opatrzność boska czuwa
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